If there are cat people and dog people, how about pet owners who allot millions of dollars to make sure that their animals are well taken care of? Here, we will take a look at the top ten richest pets in the world, and how they came to be so in the first place. if you want to find out who the richest pets in the world are and how they made their first million, just keep reading!

10. Lil Bub: Earns $30,000 a Year

The amount of money that the adorable cat Lil has earned for owner Mike Bridavsky has not been disclosed, but it’s enough that Bridavsky quit his day jobBub  years ago and has donated $200,000 to animal charities. Lil Bub earns $30,000 a year in YouTube royalties.

9. Bart the Bear: Net Worth $6 Million

                More than just a pet, the giant grizzly earned $1 million for his role in his biggest movie, “The Edge,” but Bart has been seen in many other movies and television shows. Altogether, Bart has pulled in more than $6 million in wages.

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