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beth-stern- Getty Images

Proving that even the toughest man would do something for a fine looking lady, Howard Stern’s mate, letter of the alphabet Ostrosky Stern, admits she has fostered over four hundred cats in recent years and housed them briefly at their homes.

“I’ve fostered over four hundred cats and kittens over the past four years and helped place them into fond homes. each life I save makes ME wish to try to to this a lot of,” she told Social Life Magazine.

Married for 9 years, she has no plans on having any kids. “I don’t have kids, therefore I will target my mission to avoid wasting helpless animals.

”Beth graces the duvet of the magazine in a very garment in photos shot by Stern, however she added , “I simply turned forty five, and I’m certain my bathing suit days square measure numbered, however I’m blissfully happy, and I’m hoping that shows in these footage that Howard took.”

She said, “He is aware of a way to capture my joy, and he happens to grasp my smart angles!” letter of the alphabet can co-host a TV special with Katie Lee titled “Clear the Shelters” on August twenty five.