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Melania trump- Fox News

I was watching a late-night show mock Melania Trump. Which show? I can’t remember, so many of them do it.

I’ve been a bit surprised at all the gags.  Generally, the first lady is off limits, unless she gets directly involved in politics, like Hillary Clinton did.

But then, this is comedy, and these shows aim so much at President Trump that there’s bound to be collateral damage to those around him. At least respectable media sources know enough to leave her alone.

Or do they?

Eight years ago, when Barack Obama was our new president, the press treated his wife Michelle with something close to a sense of wonder.

In the March 16, 2009, issue of The New Yorker, they wrote about her contribution to White House fashion:

“[H]er legacy may well be to show women how to move gracefully from the insecurities of youth into a sophisticated and stylish maturity. […] Michelle Obama reminds women that they can make a place for vanity in their lives, and that, when they do, a little fashion can be supremely empowering.”